Monday, July 16, 2007

Blog Update

Continuing with my unplanned period of undependability, I may not be updating the blog for the next two days. I have to go to North Wales tomorrow afternoon. The plan is to be back on Wednesday afternoon, but I may have quite a lot of catching up to do in the real world, so my online life may have to be put on hold until Saturday morning.

I am truly sorry for all the people who have emailed from the blog recently - I am still playing catch-up, so if you haven't had a reply from me don't give up on me! I promise to get back to you soon.

The Steven Snape course on tombs and belief at Bloomsbury started this week and is excellent. I will do an overview on Saturday.
And I promise that at some stage I will update one of my websites with notes from the Poznan Symposium!

All the best

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