Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blog Update

Hi to all

UPDATE 1720: Done! Further to my earlier comments (below), I have now updated the blog, and will do so again tomorrow morning - but please bear with me next week.

0911: Sorry for the lack of updates for the last two days - I have been somewhat occupied at the Bloomsbury Summer School. I have a dozen things to do today (other things have become seriously backlogged too), but I will be updating and backdating the site for the last two days this evening. Things are likely to be erratic for the next week, but Bloomsbury winds up next Friday, so normal service will be resumed the week after.

All the best, and thanks for bearing with me.


Senamun Llewellyn said...

Summer school is popular it seems these days :)

Andie said...

I've been there for three weeks now, but it feels more like three months. It is a really great experience but because I usually work from home, it has meant re-organizing my life - and I have not done a brilliant job of it so far!