Friday, July 20, 2007

Experimental Archaeology Day Conference

I leave the art of Egyptology conference notifications to EEF, who are just so much better at it than me, but this one, which may be of interest to those working in Egyptian archaeology is outside mainstream Egytpological approaches, so I've added it on the off-chance that it might be of use to someone. It takes place on Saturday 17th November 2007. I've mentioned the conference before, but they now have a web page.
The vast and exciting potential of experimental archaeology often goes unrecognised in academic archaeology. The basis of this conference are the key issues that surround the integration of experimental archaeology as a mainstream methodology.
Key themes:
-Explore the scope of ‘experimental archaeology’ and distinguish between full experiments, pilot experiments, pre-experiments, experiential activities, public demonstrations and hobby projects.
- The role of experimental archaeology in academic research.
- Improving ways of promoting experimental archaeology in academic research
- Improving communication between academic experimental archaeologists and crafts people.
- How to communicate experiments and results to the academic community and the public.
See the above page for full details.

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