Thursday, July 19, 2007

Expert identifies ancient coin from Alexandria

Hemel Gazette ( Rita Knowles)

The receipt of an ancient coin from a Gazette reader created great interest recently when it was handed over to Berkhamsted Local History and Museum Society, as requested by reader 84-year-old James Fellowes, of North Walsham, Norfolk. Mr Fellowes told us how the coin had been given to him by a friend, Alf Frampton, when he worked in Hemel Hempstead, shortly after the war.
Dacorum Heritage Store was unable to date it, but sent it to expert Peter Clayton (vice-chairman of Dacorum Heritage Trust and Expert Adviser for Coins and Antiquities to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport).And from such a notable source we have the following explanation: The coin is a Billon Tetradrachm from the mint of Alexandria in Egypt.

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