Saturday, July 21, 2007

JSesh - New version

Serge Rosmorduc announced on Friday, on the Ancient Egyptian Language list, that a new version of the JSesh has been released. JSesh is his free hieroglyphic text editor.

He says that the main new features are:
* lots of new hieroglyphs (around 300 gods or so :) thanks to M. S. Thomas
* a palette for selecting the signs (currently quite simple).
* better handling of pictures on the mac (well, this was already available in some non official versions)
* some new texts (mostly Papyri from Deir el Medineh, thanks to P. Cassonnet).

See the above page to download the new version.
For full details about JSesh, see the JSesh homepage.

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Unknown said...

Great news and congratulation
Mahmoud Samy
Grand museum of Egypt