Monday, July 23, 2007

Massive Egyptian fort discovered on edge of Sinai desert

The Peninsula (Source: AFP)

Egypt announced yesterday the discovery of the largest-ever military city from the Pharaonic period on the edge of the Sinai desert, part of a series of forts that stretched to the Gaza border. “The three forts are part of a string of 11 castles that made up the Horus military road that went from Suez all the way to the city of Rafah on the Egyptian-Palestinian border and dates to the 18th and 19th dynasties (1560-1081 BC),” antiquities supreme Zahi Hawwas said in a statement.

Teams have been digging in the area for the past decade, but the Egyptian discovery of the massive Fort Tharo and the discovery of two other fortresses by French and American teams confirmed the existence of the Horus fortifications described in ancient texts.

Fort Tharo, the military headquarters for the eastern defence of Egypt, had 13M thick mud brick walls running 500M by 250M and punctuated by 24 huge towers, said a statement from the Supreme Council of Antiquities. The fortress was surrounded by a water-filled moat which could only be crossed by using a removable wooden bridge, with the fort’s administrative buildings, temples, storehouses and
market places found nearby.

The above page is accompanied by a photograph of the site.

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