Saturday, July 28, 2007

UK - Sussex Egyptology Society event

This is a ruthless plug for my very deserving friends at Sussex Egyptology Society (U.K.), some of whom were at Bloomsbury this month.

A special SES 10th Anniversary Party will be held at The Pavilion, Field Place, Worthing, on the afternoon of Sunday August 6, 2006, in the presence of some of the Egyptologsits who have visited Sussex to lecture to us over the years. Tickets are available for £6.50 each from Malcolm Gay (tel 01903 260742) - and bring a helium balloon to release: the one that gets nearest to Egypt (without cheating) may win a prize!

Members of the society are taking the plunge and are giving lectures themselves, which promise to be excellent. See the above page for full details.

If you are intersted in other, mainly U.K.-based, Egyptology socieities and their upcoming events and lecture programmes, I have found that the best source of this type of information is Ancient Egypt magazine. You will need to subscribe to either the online or print edition.

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