Friday, August 24, 2007

Book review: India and Egypt - Influences and Interactions

Egypt Daily Star

"More than two thousand years ago an Indian sailor was found on one of the Red Sea coast; he was close to death and was taken to the authorities in Alexandria. Then the sailor made an offer if they let him go to his home country he would guide the Egyptians to a direct sea way to India shorter than any other. This represents the start of direct communications and trade exchange between Egypt and India."

A new book, "India and Egypt…Influences and Interactions," traces the origins of historical links between Egypt and India to ancient times through a collection of research conducted by Egyptian and Indian scholars.

The hundreds of images in the book help the reader see the differences as well as the similarities between the two cultures, revealing, for one, how far back Egyptian and Indian cultures have interacted in the field of art with paintings, sculptures and different motifs.

Indian artifacts like pots or cosmetic cases were discovered in ancient Alexandria. Painted on these pots were pictures of Ancient Egyptian gods like Anobees. Another surprising discovery in India was a collection of small bronze statues of Ancient Egyptian god Horus in the ancient Indian city of Gandahar.
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