Friday, August 31, 2007

Egyptologists from Brazil to meet in Curitiba

ANBA Brazil-Arab News Agency (Isaura Daniel)

Beginning today (30th), Brazilian researchers will share their knowledge of the Ancient Egypt in the southern Brazilian city of Curitiba. Until Saturday (01st), the Campos de Andrade University Centre (Uniandrade) will receive Egyptologists and experts on the subject coming from different regions of Brazil. They will participate in the 2nd National Summit for Egyptology Studies. The theme will be religion in the daily life of the Ancient Egypt.

According to the coordinator at the Summit, Moacir Elias Santos, around 150 people are expected to attend. Subjects to be approached will include, for instance, the way in which the pharaohs would associate their political propaganda with religion, the cult to animals that existed at that time, and the texts in the sarcophaguses, ancient tombs. The panels will also include themes that do not pertain to the main subject matter, such as the heritage of Egyptian obelisks in present days, elements of the Egyptian charges and caricatures in the Brazilian print media, and the presence of Ancient Egypt in children's and juvenile books.

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