Sunday, August 19, 2007

More re Footprints in Siwa

Al Masry Alyoum

Another article about the recent discovery of ancient footprints in the areas of Siwa Oasis. A photograph accompanies this brief piece, but it is not very clear.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities archeological mission operating in Siwa revealed the footprints of the prehistoric man, which likely dates back to 2 million years," SCA Secretary General Zahi Hawass said, noting that samples of the fossilized plants in rocks are being analyzed to identify their date. The mission is scheduled to complete its task within one month from now.

"If it is proven that these footprints date one million years back, they will be the oldest archaeological site on earth, which shows that man in Egypt preceded in any other parts of the world," Hawass said, explaining that the footprints of the prehistoric man were etched on a layer of sandy mud that dried with the passage of time.

Hawass noted that he has recently set up a department for the prehistoric monuments headed by Khalid Saad, which is currently working on recording archaeological sites dating back to prehistory.

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Anonymous said...

This footprint could be laser scanned as the Toluquilla footprints in around Puebla, Mexico were. The Laetoli footprints from Tanzania are said to go back about 3.5 million years so that seems to be the oldest prints found according to traditional dating. It would be interesting to see what other fossils are found in that site.