Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nubian archaeologist detained

Sudan Tribune

The Sudan Human Rights Organization has asked for the immediate release of Nubian archaeologist Dr. Muhammad Jalal Hashim.

SHRO-Cairo notes that General Gosh, director of the State Security Department, psychology professor Zubair, the Minister of Interior, and Attorney General Minister of Justice al-Mardi have not yet taken the required measures to end the abusive actions by their state offices that continue to prolong the unlawful detention and intimidation of Dr. Muhammad Jalal.

Archaeologist Jalal is a human rights activist who has been critically voicing the deep irrevocable protest of the Kajbar (Kajabar) people in the Northern Province of Sudan against the government’s dam construction in the area that will inevitably destroy the national treasures and all sites of the ancient Nubia archaeology, as well as forcing a new Diaspora for the natives of the area; thus disrupting the social fabric of the whole population.

The Organization is deeply concerned that the top officials of the government’s legal security organs abused their constitutional jobs to keep, against the Interim Constitution, Dr. Jalal in unrestricted unlawful custody. Led by these officials, the authorities aimed to silence Dr. Jalal’s significant contributions in the increasing public protest of Kajbar against the dam.

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