Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Trivia

Jacob's builds biscuit sculpture in record-breaking attempt
Channel News Asia
Biscuit-maker Jacob's is hoping for a place in the Singapore Book of Records, with the 'Largest Sculpture Made of Biscuits'. The feat sits on a platform measuring about 6 by 1.2metres, and more than 24,000 biscuits from 13 varieties are used. It includes the Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Tower Bridge of London, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, Malaysia's Petronas Twin Towers and even Singapore's very own Esplanade. The tallest “building” – the Petronas – is over two metres high.
There are two photos on the site.

Agatha Christie in Comic format
BBC News
Slide show with explanatory captions of the new comic format versions of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot novels. The fifth slide shows Poirot in front of the Gizeh pyramids, from the novel Death on the Nile.

Agatha Christie's crime novels, already immortalised on television, on film, on stage and in audio books, have been adapted as comic strip editions. The relaunch of Christie in this new way is timed to coincide with the annual Agatha Christie Week on September 9 to 15, 31 years after the novelist's death.

Paranormal attack in the Great Pyramid,,2007390039,00.html

DEEP inside the Great Pyramid celebrity psychic Derek Acorah was feeling uneasy. He’d encountered several scary ghosts in Britain filming spooky series Most Haunted, but something told him Egyptian spirits were on another level entirely. Acccording to Derek a strange force struck him hard on the face – leaving him unable to breathe and fearing for his life as colleagues looked on helpless. The terrifying ordeal, which lasted several minutes, will be screened next month on Living TV’s Paranormal Egypt. . . . “I’ve no idea what the entity was, but it’s obvious something didn’t want me there in the Great Pyramid.”

Game - Aten Disk
For those of you with the following Symbian devices, the following game is now available - the Nokia E60, E70 and N80.

Coming from the land of ancient Pharaonic civilization, a theme that takes you there. The Royal Family Worshipping the Aten sun Disk The mythology of the Aten, the radiant disk.

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