Friday, August 31, 2007

Zahi Hawass Dig Days - Khufu's Barque

Al Ahram Weekly
A personal account by Zahi Hawass of the Khufu solar barque story, in the context of a show being filmed for the Discovery Channel:

Any two lists of the top 10 archaeological discoveries in Egypt would be different in only one or two items. Atlantic Productions is making a film for the Discovery Channel based on just such a list, and asked me to be its host and introduce these finds to the public. I felt honoured that two of the discoveries included on the list were my own. It was my first time working with this fantastic team, and I really enjoyed it. They did their homework, and Ben, the director, was very quick and smart.

We spent the entire first day of filming at Giza, beginning with an interview in front of the Great Pyramid. We looked at two discoveries on the plateau. The first was the boat of King Khufu which was found by Kamel El-Mallakh in May of 1954.

It is a version of a story that Hawass has told elsewhere, with reference to a "curse" on the discovery of the barque.

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