Thursday, October 25, 2007

Profile: Nigel Hetherington

Egypt Daily Star News

A profile on Nigel Hetherington and his newest venture, Past Preservers:

When Nigel Hetherington was packing for his trip to Egypt in 1997, he had no idea he would come back a few years later. This time, he wouldn’t just be a tourist, he was coming back as an entrepreneur running the first company specialized in providing historical and archeological consultancy to the media industry in Egypt.

An accountant for 15 years, Hetherington decided to pursue a career in archeology after a short encounter with the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

When he went back to England after his first trip, he took an evening class in Egyptian history. In 2000, he went back to school for a BA in Egyptian archeology, followed by an MA in cultural heritage, which is what brought him back to Egypt.

In 2003, Hetherington came back to Egypt for a placement at the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CultNat) as part of his degree. “It was the longest month of my life,” he said, “I had absolutely nothing to do.”

“One day, however, they asked me to interview Dr Kent Weeks, one of the world’s most acclaimed archeologists, who has led the excavation work for KV5, the largest tomb ever found in Egypt,” Hetherington said.

After the interview, Dr Weeks asked Hetherington if he would like to join the team that was responsible for coming up with a strategy for conserving the Valley of the Kings, an offer he couldn’t refuse.

See the above page for the full story. The Past Preservers website has been recently updated and improved.

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