Monday, November 26, 2007

Daily Photo - More lovely bits from the British Museum

Funerary Stela of Renefseneb (shown with two relatives)
Limestone, Late Middle Kingdom c.1800BC
Traditional offering formula

Tomb slab of Neferseshempepy, Denderah
Limestone. Late Old Kingdom, c.2150BC

Limestone stela of Khnumhotep
5th Dynasty, c.2400BC, Saqqara

Inscribed fitting of Amenhotep IV in bronze
Eighteenth Dynasty
"There exists the sun of the sungod whom he loves,
Amenhotep, divine ruler of Thebes"

Limestone door from the tomb of Tjetji, Giza
Fourth Dynasty, c.2500BC
Tjetji is shown with his wife Debet

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