Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Daily Photo - Treasures from Sudan exhibtion

The Treasures from Sudan exhibition was held at the British Museum in London in 2004. Its purpose was to celebrate the centenary fo the founding of the first museum in the Sudan in 1904, and to help to promote more awareness of the country's heritage. These are a few images from a super exhibition. There was a good article in The Guardian by Jonathan Jones at the time (Riddle of the Sands, September 9th 2004). The article not only reviewed the exhibition and what it revealed, but also asked whether or not the archaeology displayed in the exhibition could reveal anything about the area's "bloody present".

If you're interested in current projects being carried out in the sudan you might find the following sites of interest:
Meroe Dam Archaeological Salvage Project
The Sudan Archaeological Research Society
The International Society for Nubian Studies

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