Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oxbow Book News 73 (Winter 2007)

Oxbow Books

Oxbow have released their most recent catalogue. There are some great new and older titles if you dig around- here's a very biased selection of some of the ones that tempted me:

  • Proceedings of the Ninth International Congress of Egyptologists (edited by J.-Cl. Goyon and C. Cardin)
  • The Ancient Economy: Evidence and Models (edited by J.G. Manning and Ian Morris)
  • Lives of the Ancient Egyptians (by Toby Wilkinson)
  • The archaeology of mobility: Nomads in the Old and New World (edited by Hans Barard and Willeke Wendrich)
  • Egyptian Bestiary (by Phillipe Germond)
  • New Kingdom Pottery Fabrics: Niile Clay and Nile/Marl Clay Fabrics from Memphis and Amarna (by Janine Bouriau, L.M.V. Smith and P.T. NIcholson)
  • Calendars and Years: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient Near East

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