Thursday, December 27, 2007

Egyptian antiquities now on display in Japan

State Information Service

After 40 years of excavation work, unearthed Egyptian antiquities are now on display in Japan.

Discoveries of Japan's University of Wasida are touring the Asian country; first in Miyazaki Museum, then in Sapporo at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art and will later be shown at the Kumamoto Prefectual Museum of Art.

The Egyptian Culture Minister, Farouq Hosni, said the antiquities would be inched in Sapporo in February and for two months.

The same pieces will then be showcased in Kumamoto until June 8.

This is the ninth such tour to take place, Hosni said in statements Tuesday, noting that the exhibition was the first of its kind in Japan in 15 years.

Such exhibitions are held to bring in the money needed to implement rehabilitation projects to preserve Egyptian cultural heritage, the minister said.

Some 317 items dating back to different eras are currently being exhibited in Japan.

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