Saturday, December 29, 2007

KV63 and KV10 Update

I have become so accustomed to clicking on the KV63 link on my links site that I nearly clicked straight off again without clocking the fact that the KV63 site has been updated. It's only a brief offering, but it does contain some useful information so here it is in its entirety:

The 2008 Season
My departure date for Egypt is now slated for January 28th. I will spend a few days in Cairo meeting with the SCA officials before heading to Luxor. It is my aim to re-open KV-10 sometime in early February depending on the successful completion of necessary permits and other arrangements.

KV-10/KV-63 staff, conservators and specialists will stagger their arrivals throughout February and March so we have adequate coverage for the various tasks and projects planned this season. Our daily routine will probably not vary much from past seasons although this year we will be in a study and conservation mode.

Director Schaden

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