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Studi di Egittologia e di Papirologia. Rivista internazionale. 2,

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Mario Capasso (ed.), Studi di Egittologia e di Papirologia. Rivista internazionale. 2, 2005. Pisa/Roma: Istituti Editoriali e Poligrafici Internazionali, 2005.
Reviewed by Carlos Sánchez-Moreno Ellart, Department of Roman Law, University of Valencia-Spain; and Columbia University

The second issue of Studi di Egittologia e di Papirologia comprises 15 papers, some of which (marked *) were presented as abstracts at the XXIV International Congress of Papyrology in Helsinki.

In the first contribution, Francesca Angiò ("Il nuovo Posidippo" 9-32) examines the newest developments concerning P. Mil Vogli VIII 309 that appeared during 2004. This document is commonly attributed to Posidippus of Pela, and with this paper Angiò continues her contribution published in P. Lup 12 (2003) 7-68, with an accurate review that offers an overview of the principal problems.

The next paper, "A Coptic Letter from Two Women", by Roger Bagnall, Raffaella Cribiore and Timothy Renner, deals with P. Alex. inv. 675, probably from the 8th century, which is particularly badly preserved. It was first published by L. S. B. Mac Coull in Aegyptus 66 (1986) 190 ff. This article follows the approach taken by Bagnall and Cribiore in their Women's Letters from Ancient Egypt, 300 BC-AD 800 (Ann Arbor 2006, in press at that time), and offers a new text, translation and notes for P. Alex. inv. 675. The possible reference in l. 12 to Psalm 144.15 and to Psalm 109.1 or perhaps Corinthians 15.25 is really curious. The recipient of the letter, entitled 'papas,' was possibly a bishop, since this title -- as the authors point out -- was common for bishops in post-4th century Greek papyri (36).

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