Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hawass chides anti Akhenaten statements

Egypt State Information Service

Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme council of Antiquities(ESCA) Zahi Hawwas slammed statements by British Professor Barry Kemp and Professor Jerry Rose, of the University of Arkansas, USA, distorting the history of pharaonic King Akhenaten and the construction of his city in Amarna. . . .

Hawwas termed as nonsense the statements on Akhenaten that, he sid, were not based on any admissible scientific proofs.

Building Akhenaten city was an obsession for ancient Egyptians like the Giza Pyramids and workers wanted to realise a national achievement to be proud of, he said.

He added that ancient labourers used to live beside the royal palace and get the best food daily to be able to continue their work.

The rest of this post describes some of the points made by the BBC programme (which has been covered on earlier posts).

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Unknown said...

Is Zh Hwss perhaps the reincarnation of Ahkenaten, with full memory of what happened back then? I doubt this very much, he may have much knowledge, but fails in basic wisdom (that wasn't included in the US- PHd Study Mr Hwss?) If it would have been included he would have know that "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". From a deranged archaeologist who likes to behave like a pharaoh and barks at people as if they are his slaves in his "reality show" (and indeed a show it is) "Hunting mummies with Dr Zh. Hwss" (would be a good name for a tyrant pharaoh), a man too proud to admit that others might be right as well, suppressing their opinions where possible, withholding DNA results of the close examination into the family tree of Egypt's most famous former inhabitant: King Tutankhamun... and we are expected to believe this person on his word, while others come with physical proof? Let him show his proof that the citizens of Ankhetaten were well fed and had good living quarters while the city was built! I would love to see him weasel his way out of this