Saturday, February 23, 2008

Exhibition: World of the Pharaohs, Idaho

A one of a kind exhibit is making its world debut right here in eastern Idaho. Its called the "World of the Pharaohs" and its opening at the Museum of Idaho.

"Its an extraordinary exhibit, 3,000 years of ancient history are represented here in the most fantastic artifacts," says David Pennock, the Executive Director, The Museum of Idaho.

And starting Friday morning,you can experience history for yourself.

"Everything that you see, is a little glimpse into how these ancient people viewed themselves in the eternities," says Pennock.

More than 200 pieces of ancient history, spanning more than 3,000 years are stopping at the Museum of Idaho. Some of the displays include a Sarcophagus lid, amulets and a kitten mummy. . . .

All these pieces come from The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

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