Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ten years of EEF email traffic

Congratulations and thanks to Aayko Emya and his team of contributors for all their hard work on the archive at the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum. Here's Aayko's email to the EEF group:

The forum's archives (sorted by topic) have been updated for the whole of 2007:

Based on a suggestion by Max Yakovlev, 10 years of EEF traffic have been gathered into two files for easy download.

Even if you have in the past downloaded most of the archives, you may still want to download these batches, as small errors have been cured, like prefixes and spaces in file names (which prevented files to list alphabetically) or duplicate file names (which caused overwriting).

Split over two files as that is probably easier for people on dial-up. Files are Zipped and have a password (yebu), as they are only meant for subscribers, not accidental tourists.

EEFYR1-5 (1998-2002), 5.6 MB

EEFYR6-10 (2003-2007), 7.2 MB

EEFIntro&Index, 90 kB
(Read 'EEF Archives' file to start.)

Do remember that the copyright of each post belongs to the poster, so the whole or parts of these archives are not to be copied to other venues.

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