Monday, March 24, 2008

Developing Luxor City to be open world museum

Egypt State Information Service

Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif held a series of meetings 22/3/2008 with the ministers in Luxor to implement the country's plan towards comprehensive development, ending the citizens' suffering and providing new job opportunities for the Upper Egypt's youth within the framework of the plan aiming at turning Luxor to an open museum.

During the first meeting, the Investment Minister Mahmoud Mohieddin explained the Ministry's plan concerning Al-Toud Plateau which is expected to be turned to 4500 hotel units at a cost of $ 450 million.

At the same time, Nazif agreed to establish two industrial zones; one for light products and the other for the various products.

During the second meeting, Nazif discussed with Minister of Communications Dr. Tarek Kamel the steps of implementing an electronic gate for Luxor City through the internet at a cost of LE 7 million.

During the third meeting, Nazif agreed on starting immediately in implementing the project of lighting the West Bank which will be financed by Culture Ministry at a cost of LE 52 million.

Moreover, Nazif watched a recorded film about the dimensions of the project which is currently implemented on an area of 6 KM as well as the developments of sound and light in Al-Karnak Temple.

During the fourth meeting, Farouk Hosny, the Culture Minister displayed the ministry's plan which is currently implemented in Luxor, in addition to the great discoveries by the Egyptian-German mission of 7 statues of the god of war and 2 statues of Sphinx as well as a statue of Amenhotep III.

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