Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mysterious Egypt

American Chronicle (James Wood)

We may sometimes classify misunderstood facts as being mysterious. I think that has been an important factor in the study of ancient Egypt. When skilled Egyptologists and archeologists are confronted with mega monuments that have no historical data to explain their existence they must use their research to come up with answers. They are very good at it but with no actual facts by which to compare results there is no sure way to know what the truth is. This leaves the door ajar for a lot of second-guessing and speculation. It also creates a fertile ground for debate. I have been very interested in the large pyramids on the Giza plateau for many years. I had the opportunity to read many books on the recreated history of Egypt and what has been offered as the background on these large pyramids. My view of the facts was self-published in my book, Egypt's Great Pyramid of Knowledge, in 2007 by Author House, and is available for sale on the Web at many bookseller sites, including as well as at

My primary point in the book was to build the Great Pyramid from the ground up using tools that I believe the Egyptian's would have, or could have, had available to them. In so doing I felt it was important, for the first time in print, to explain those items in the pyramid that have previously been described as mysterious or unexplained.

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