Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daily Photo - Cloudy sunset at Fatnas Island, Siwa

There's no good reason for these photos - they're just quite pretty!

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Vincent said...

Fatnas Island is wonderful! Here's an excerpt from my diary on that day:

"Today we thought we'd check out this so-called Fantasy Island (a derivation of its real name: "Fatnas"), so we got the bikes out and rode out of the village. Even though we had started out early it wasn't long before the sun was beating down on us. Siwa lies about 12 meters below the water table and a large part of it is covered by a huge but very shallow salty lake, called Siwa Lake. All around the edges salt is caked up high and is coloured a beautiful rosy pink colour. We rode along a track that formed a sort of bridge to the island in the middle. We must have taken a wrong turn somehow and ended up in the middle of a date palm grove. We finally made it to the spring, again it was surrounded by a circular wall formed by large stones and we instantly got in to cool off. We saw a track that looked well worn leading into the surrounding thick green vegetation. We wandered down the track passing by fruit trees until we came to a hut and another spring. To our amazement there was someone there, a local Siwan had claimed this little spot and planted fruit trees and stocked up the little hut that he'd also built with cold drinks and snacks! He also had a shisha pipe. So I got straight in the water while he fixed me a cool lemonade and a shisha. The scene was complete."