Sunday, April 27, 2008

Egypt's pyramids packed with seashells

Discovery News (Jennifer Viegas)

Many of Egypt's most famous monuments, such as the Sphinx and Cheops, contain hundreds of thousands of marine fossils, most of which are fully intact and preserved in the walls of the structures, according to a new study.

The study's authors suggest that the stones that make up the examined monuments at Giza plateau, Fayum and Abydos must have been carved out of natural stone since they reveal what chunks of the sea floor must have looked like over 4,000 years ago, when the buildings were erected.

"The observed random emplacement and strictly homogenous distribution of the fossil shells within the whole rock is in harmony with their initial in situ setting in a fluidal sea bottom environment," wrote Ioannis Liritzis and his colleagues from the University of the Aegean and the University of Athens.

The researchers analyzed the mineralogy, as well as the chemical makeup and structure, of small material samples chiseled from the Sphinx Temple, the Osirion Shaft, the Valley Temple, Cheops, Khefren, Osirion at Abydos, the Temple of Seti I at Abydos and Qasr el-Sagha at Fayum.


Anonymous said...

The last sentence in this article implies that one of the proponents of the "cast-stone" theory thinks there is some great mystery to finding "sea shells in the desert" at Giza. The Giza Plateau is an Eocene reef! It would impossible not to find marine fossils! The stones for the pyramids and temples were cut from extant quarries that align with the monuments. Of course the stones have abundant marine fossils in them.

As Mark Lehner says, you need to open your eyes and look at the reality on the ground.

Bunefer said...

Of course, just walk near Khaffre's great pyramid, look down and pick up the first rock you will be a stone with a fosile..

Is there really still an egyptologist on this globe who believes in his own knowledge, knowing that egypt is a greek name and Khemt is its real name?

Anyone been around points of energy close to the great pyramid.
To visit feel the power of the per-netr.

Does anyone walks around there, having 'the eye' of the Awayan tribe...knowing that some of the the pyramids are power-plants.

Do you really still believe in the fraud of Zawi Hawass, Mark Lehener and the money business of the Egyptian government. Don't you recognize the 'excavation' business...