Monday, April 28, 2008

Off-topic request for information - Eritrea

I know that people who visit this blog have many archaeological interests that include a much broader area then Egypt. Does anyone have any information about rock art in Eritrea - in particular Karora. I've done the usual hunting around on the web but haven't found anything very much. A friend is visiting the area and would like to do some research in advance. Any pointers welcome!


Anonymous said...

It is not much, but help

Andie said...

Any help is welcome - thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

you can see it yourself.i mean with googleeath or just go to google.give maps eritrea and it gives you a choice akind of maps.and you chose satlite maps.point to eritrea there you can have karrura.bytheway karrora is located onthe top of eritrea right on the border line with sudan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,

I have read your inquiry for information on rock arts of Eritrea and in particular of Qarora.

As you indicated, Dr. Yoseph has mentioned there are several rock art sites found in many parts of the country. I my self can witness the existence of several rock art sites around the area of Adi Keyih. The area around Berhinet and Auhne has substantial rock art sites. Other sites include Adi Alewuti, Karibosa, Hishmele, Iyago, saro, Hidmo, and some other sites around Berhinet and Auhne. All these are found in the Southern Zone of Eritrea; where there are also many other archaeological sites exist.

From the other parts of Eritrea, I do know very little and most of my sources are secondary. To mention some of these sites Slum Beati, Emba Chelay, Zeban Ona Libanos from the southern Zoba; Karura, Rora (both in the Northern Zoba), Tsaeda Krstian (‘barda’), Daero Qawlos, Ona Adi Qontsi from Zoba Maekel; Koken and Haikota from Zoba Gash-Barka and Mumat Ezum near Aditekelezan, Kortamit from Zoba Anseba and , Maji Malehess, Lamdrara,and Dembe Wadi Mudui from other areas which their names is not known to me.

Your special request about Qarora, unfortunately I haven’t had any experiences in that area. However, I believe Dr. Yoseph will be much helpful. I know Dr. Yoseph has some experiences in the area (Southern Red Sea Zone, where Qarora is found) and so also some other staff members like Habtom or Tekeste.

Tsegai Medin, an archaeologist from the Museum will be again supportive and and know the particular location of the sites around Qohaito. In addition he is very energetic so that you can take him for granted as a guide.

But I don’t know how you are motivated and the Institution you are working with. Let me know if you do have any other questions.

Note: Qarora is a bit in the rural areas and if you must visit the area then you need to consider the resources.

Best Regards,