Thursday, April 24, 2008

Still technically challenged

Apparently it's not a problem with my ISP (or so I'm told by a call centre operator who read from a script, almost incomprehensibly). I've changed broadband routers, and that's not the problem either. Next it's a matter of changing over all the cables and filters. No blogging today.

On the upside, I was given the opportunity of driving a Ferrari 360 Spider this morning - the biggest adrenalin rush in a long time! It's more like driving a fighter plane than a car.

Right, back to my cables.



Michael said...

I've worked too long in IT not to be cynical. They're often not supposed to admit that there is a problem, and it's often possible for a localized problem to fester without being noticed for some time. But you're up, so all is well.

Andie said...

Hello Michael. To be honest it's not all a bed of roses this morning. Like you I worked too long in IT to think that everything was going to be magically fixed. I've had to reboot twice this morning to regain access to my broadband. It really does look like something localized - either in my own security software or on one of BT's exchanges. The irritating thing is how these support services are so quick to blame the user without looking more closely at their own network. They blamed my poor super-efficient little Belkin router until I changed it with a spare BT one I had kicking around. I suspect that things are going to be a bit intermittent for some time to come.