Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ramesses in custody

Egypt Daily Star News

There's a rather sad photograph on the above page, showing the statue of Ramesses II in its new location awaiting the construction of the new Grand Museum of Egypt (the most recent estimate for which I have seen is 2010). Here's part of the caption:

The 3,200-year-old massive statue of Ramses II remains in a protective shed in Cairo on May 26. After years of controversy, based on worries that heavy pollution was damaging the statue, the 83-tonne, 11-meter high pink granite colossus was moved on August 25, 2006 in a ten-hour operation using two flatbed trucks through the city after standing for 50 years in a downtown Cairo square, hemmed in by bridges, an underground railway and a mosque, to stand closer to its original location in Giza, near the pyramids plateau, just south of the Egyptian capital.

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fred said...

dis is not de orginal lokcatie for Ramsess,look to de link,yo can sy de orginal lokcatie in to the vistite hall from the grand nieum muzeum.

greetngs fred sierevogel