Friday, June 13, 2008

Conference: Primo Convegno Napoletano di Egittologia

Thanks to Francesco Raffaele for letting me know that an international congress of Egyptology will be held next week in Naples, Italy. The Primo Convegno Napoletano di Egittologia will take place in Palazzo Reale, Sala Rari (Biblioteca Nazionale) on June 18th-20th 2008.

The conference has been organized by ANSE, of which Francesco is one of the founding members, together with Dr. Ilaria Incordino, Dr. Massimiliano Nuzzolo and Dr. Giuseppe Lebro. The aim is to promote new studies and discoveries in Egyptology.

The ANSE website currently shows the programme for the conference on a dedicated page. In a few days all 23 conference abstracts, which are in English and Italian, will be added as a single PDF file to the same page. A publication will be issued with the complete papers in 2009.

It's nice to see a healthy smattering of Late Predynastic and Early Dynastic stuff in there. Nothing earlier though.

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