Friday, June 13, 2008

A documentary film of Djoser Pyramid to be a reference to all archaeologists

"Egypt plans to make a documentary film of Pyrmaid of Djoser, Egypt's first step pyramid, using a three-dimensional technique to be a reference to all archaeologists," Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni said Monday9/6/2008.

The film will display a perspective image of the pyrmaid, located in Sakkara, to help archaeologists know the exact condition of each step and stone pieces, the Minister said. The four-week project will be carried out by the Supreme Council of Antiquities in cooperation with a Japanese-American mission, Hosni said.

The project comes as part of celebrations of making 2008 the Year of Science between Japan and Egypt.

The pyrmaid was built during the Old Kingdom's 3rd Dynasty. The pyramid is 254 feet tall, with six steps.

The Step Pyramid is said to have been built for Netjerikhet Djoser, the 2nd King of Egypt's 3rd Dynasty, by that master architect and ancient Egyptian legend, Imhotep.

Djoser's tomb is located deep beneath the pyramid. The pyrmaid was excavated in 1934 by Jean-Philippe Lauer who found a mummified left foot, believed to be all that is left of Djoser.

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