Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Introducing Ben Morales-Correa

I am proud, relieved and phenomenally grateful to welcome Ben Morales-Correa as the blog's second author whilst I'm in Italy and also at any other time, now or in the future, that he feels like adding a few words.

This is by no means his first contribution to my efforts - he has sent me photos for the Daily Photo slot, made one of my own photographs into Photoshop artwork, and I've linked to some of his posts on his own blog in the past . And he even likes flamenco. What more can I ask for?

I've taken the photograph above from the profile on Ben's blog so that you can see who is doing all the work. Ben is a fine artist, web developer and ancient Egypt enthusiast from Puerto Rico. He paints in both abstract and figurative styles. Samples are at:

He also has a Photoshop tutorial site at http://www.bmcphotoart.com

And of course Ben is an Egyptology enthusiast - someone who has not studied Egyptology at college level, but for whom the subject is a passion. As I mentioned above Ben has his own website and blog at http://www.all-about-egypt.com. He says that the blog is essentially a travel to Egypt website that brings more information about ancient Egypt than the other Egypt tour oriented sites, but which is much less focused on the academic or encyclopedic subjects of Egyptology sites. His objective is to make visitors enjoy their Egypt vacation to their fullest by first knowing about its history, achievements, its magnificent monuments and exquisite art. He calls it, evocatively, "Egyptology for the rest of us". You can see his full profile on his blog.

This is actually a massive weight off my mind. It's just a small blog but I really hate to leave it dead in the water whenever I go away. I've become rather fond of it over the years. As you can probably tell, I am a very, very happy woman right now!

Kat is going to assist Ben with the task, as she always helps me.

Best wishes to all of you, and HUGE thanks to Ben and Kat.


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