Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick blog update

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday and this morning - been a bit busy. I am going up to town today to meet a friend to combine two of my favourite subjects - archaeology chat and website-building chat. After that I thought I'd see what the queues are like at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition.

I'll update the blog this evening when I get back.

Whilst I'm at it, I should mention that I am off to Italy for a few days on Friday and won't be updating the blog for around a week as from Thursday. As usual, if anyone out there feels like taking over the job whilst I'm away, feel free to volunteer!

A quick off-topic question to the European travellers amongst you - does anyone know how widely Visa Electron is accepted by bank cashpoint machines in Europe? I've acquired a Travel Money Card from the post office (a combination between a prepaid credit card and a traveller's cheque), and I have traveller's cheques too, but it would be quite helpful to know if the card is going to be usable in places like Rome, Siena and Venice. Thanks. I'll try to drag my non-Egyptological friend to see the Rome obelisk, so hopefully I'll bring back some pics.

Finally, I received a few complaints that an article I linked to on Al Ahram Weekly was unavailable. Unfortunately there was nothing that I could do about it because the fault was not with the link that I posted but with the entire Al Ahram site - the entire website was down for days. It seems to be back up and running but is hideously slow. When I get in this evening I will repost last week's Al Ahram stories together with any new ones.

Cheers to all


smilepower528 said...


This is more of a query rather than a comment (sorry).

I am looking for information about an Ancient Egyptian tomb image that will be on the cover of our July issue. My name is Sheila Macho, and I am the Cover Editor of a nonprofit pharmaceutical magazine titled JMCP (Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy), whose parent organization is AMCP (Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy) of Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Here is the link to the image:

Do you know of any Egyptologists who could help me identify the figures in the mural and decipher the hieroglyphics?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. I would cite the Egyptologist's name in the article.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

have a nice travel!

Venezia is wonderful, Roma is great and Siena is very nice!

But, when you will be in my country, beware of hotel & restaurant owners, souvenir sellers and, expecially, taxi drivers: they're true thieves!

You risk, as a foreigner tourist, to pay more than the right price for their service!

I'm not an egyptologist, but I'm sure that the picture of you need was taken from the tomb of Ramesse I, father of Sety I and grandfather of most known Ramesse II.

Anonymous said...

Hi. to answer your question regarding usage of Visa electron in Italya and other euproean locations. Visa electron is widely accepted in all EU countries. I live in Moscow and if we have it here, rest assured Visa Electron is also in Italy.

Andie said...

Thanks very much for the Visa Electron reply from Russia. Much appreciated.

Pier - thanks for the advice. We'll be careful.

Shiela -Pier is right. The tomb of Ramesses I in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. It shows the Pharaoh Ramesses I, founder of the 19th Dynasty, standing between the gods Anubis to the right and Horus to the left (the names of all three are shown in the hieroglyphs whcih you can see above the figures). Nice image, and well known. I have always loved the colouring in this tomb. If you want to see a translation of the hieroglyphs of this section you will find it on th OsirisNet website at:

Andie said...

Sheila - sorry I typo'd your name in my previous post!

Andie said...

And finally (apologies to all for the endless stream of comments from me), because the URL in my first comment terminated somewhat abrubtly, here it is again in tinyurl format: