Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice

I'm off to celebrate the Summer Solstice, the Heliacal Rising of Sirius and the beginning of a new year in the Ancient Egyptian calendar. I'll be back tomorrow with more news.

How many are your deeds, though hidden from sight. O sole God without equal!
You made the Earth as You desired, You alone. With people, cattle, and all creatures.
With everything upon Earth that walks on legs, and all that is on high and flies with its wings.
The foreign lands of Syria and Nubia, and the land of Egypt,
You set everybody in his place and supply their needs.
They all have their food and their lifetimes are counted.
Tongues differ in speech, their characters as well.
Their skins are distinct, for You distinguished the peoples.
You made the Nile in the Netherworld. You bring it up when You will,
to keep those of Egypt alive, for You have created them for yourself.
Lord of All who toils for them. Lord of All Lands who shines for them.
O Aten of daytime, great in glory! All distant lands, You make them live.
You made a heavenly Nile descend for them. With waves beating on the mountains like the sea,
to drench their fields and their towns. How excellent are your ways, O Lord of Eternity!
The Nile from heaven for foreign peoples and all land-creatures that walk on legs.
For Egypt the Nile from the Duat.

If you want to celebrate along read the entire Great Hymn to Aten here.

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