Friday, June 13, 2008

Travel: Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express Online

I mentioned this online application developed by Adobe briefly a few weeks ago. It is an image editing programme which is potentially very useful for anyone like me who finds themselves working or on holiday in Egypt with a vast set of digital photographs which could really do with being backed up. It also offers people who are away from home the opportunity not only to share their photographs with friends back home, but to edit them in advance.

One of the few magazines which I read regularly is Photoshop Creative. The most recent issue has included a review of Photoshop Express, which is an online and free of charge version of one of the most powerful image editing programmes available. In summary, the review says that the beta site has been a phenomental succes with 60,000 people creating public web albums within the first month. In response to users' feedback the team behind the online application have added the following new features:
  • A "Save As" function
  • Integration with
  • Extension of video capabilities
It is aimed at everyone from the complete novice to experienced users. There are lots of features, and the functionality is more or less self explanatory and clearly presented. Preview features are available for most of the functionality (which is really useful), and it is still under development using the feedback from those currently using the application.

Registration is free of charge, and you don't actually have to register to "test drive" the app. You will, however, need Flash 9 installed.

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