Friday, August 29, 2008

Answer to my Gilf Kebir translation request

Thanks very much to Phil Durbidge who answered my plea for help re translating a page. He used Google Translate to decipher it. It didn't even occur to me to try a translation engine because they are usually so dire, but I will keep a more open mind in the future! Here's what Phil's attempts on my behalf produced, for anyone else who shares an interest (I've left it exactly as Google Translate produced it):

In autumn 2008 the first Czech scientific expedition into the depths of the Western desert, in the area is still little known Gilf the Kebíru (south-western edge of the territory of today's Egypt). Hence comes the ancient monuments of indigenous peoples Sahara, who finally settle the Nile valley, and participated in the birth of ancient Egyptian civilization. The aim will be to map these sites and study the natural environment, geology and geomorphology.

The expedition is planned for 21 days and will participate Czech experts many scientific focus.

The expedition is funded partly from sources GA Czech Republic, part of the donation of private sponsors - the sponsorship.

There is still sháníme means to purchase goods off-road vehicle with a value of 800 000, -.

This expedition is one of the official events held on the occasion of the celebration of fifty years of existence Czech Institute of Egyptology Charles University.

Media partner for the project is the National Geographic Czech Republic.

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John said...

Google Translate has been getting better.

Interestly enough, the system uses what I would call a "Rosetta Stone" Approach (comparing parallel texts in multiple languages) to create a translation system.