Friday, August 29, 2008

Call for Papers - BANEA 2009

Another conference which has a particularly good theme, which should be of interest to some visitors. There's no website just yet.

BANEA 2009 - Networks of Movement in SW Asia

The next BANEA conference will be hosted by Department of Archaeology, Durham University,
8th, 9th and 10th of January 2009.

The theme, Networks of Movement in SW Asia, is intended to unite widely disparate areas of the greater Near East, and necessarily will encompass a region extending from South Asia to Egypt. Networks of movement have been fundamental to the development of society and economy in the region throughout the past 10,000 years and include systems of movement, trade, maritime and overland routes, population diasporas, and material culture. We therefore invite session and lecture titles that approximate to this theme.

The Keynote Lecture will be held on the evening of 8th January, and will be delivered by Professor Steve Mithen, University of Reading, who will report on the work of his project 'Water, Life and Civilization' which has been supported by the Leverhulme Trust.

We emphasize that Durham BANEA also welcomes sessions and lectures that are "off-theme"; for example one session will be devoted to the topic of Recent Fieldwork in the Near East.

Further details on the venue, programme, accommodation etc will be circulated in due course.
Please send suggested session or lecture titles and abstracts to:

Due date for individual papers (as word files): November 1st 2008
Speakers should include full contact details.

As session titles will need to be finalised rather earlier than the individual lectures, the final date for receiving notification of sessions for consideration will be 1st October 2008 (again as word files). Organizers of sessions should supply the title of their session and the names of at least three speakers who have already agreed to participate to:

Graham Philip, T.J. Wilkinson, Eleanor Wilkinson, Matt Whincop

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