Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Daily Photo - Ostraca from the Petrie

UC31955. Hieratic ostracon, limestone. 7 columns of funerary text on recto and sketch of boat with man before statue in shrine on verso. New Kingdom.

UC1585. Fragment of limestone; painted with sketch of a monkey. Late Eighteenth Dynasty, found at Amarna.

UC30037. Pink ware ostracon with some butt slip; text on recto in hieratic: [Year X] wine of the 21st day... queen of Upper and Lower Egypt, Sit-ra-merit-Amen..."(Spiegelberg). Nineteenth Dynasty.

UC31943. Limestone ostracon, large detailed basket on one side, and fragment of hieratic text with three snakes at end. New Kingdom.

UC31918. Hieratic ostracon, limestone with rough surface, convex. 5 lines of text concerning visit of Nebenkheruef to see the Temple of Hathor. Nineteenth Dynasty.

Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College London With my thanks

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