Friday, August 08, 2008

Mark Vygus - Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

A member of the GlyphStudy group, Mark Vygus, offered the latest version of his Ancient Egyptian Dictionary for us to download in csv or PDF formats. I asked him if he would mind if I posted the PDF version of the dictionary on a web page so that others could view it online and he gave me the go-ahead.

There are 602 pages of it, with 17,300 entries. Some Late Period words and spellings are now included. This is a super and amazing resource - quite remarkable. Sincere thanks to Mark for being so generous for sharing this exceptional piece of work.

You will need broadband for it to load speedily - it is a big file and probably not suitable for dial-up unless you have time on your hands.

All the PDF functionality works as you would expect, and to get the best out of it change the page view to 100%.

There's a better version of it at:


Anonymous said...

Hi Andie,

I tried to download the file and got the following error message:

"The file is damaged and cannot be repaired". Can you send me the PDF as a email attachment?



Andie said...

I will Kat, but that is a wretched nuisance - it works fine from my PC on all four browsers. There's an alternative version (which is now showing on the original post) which is a rather better version of it on an academic site (posted there by someone else). But I'll send you the PDF - sure you want it at 602 pages? I've no idea how long that will take on a dial up connection.

Andie said...

Hi Kat

Just re-read my above reply and was horrified at how it read!! I should make it clear that it is my non-functional website page that is the fiendish nuisance and not sending the PDF to you, which is just the click of a button! You know me well enough, I hope, to know that's what I meant :-) I've just sent you the PDF - it is really great, and renewed thanks to Mark for the permission to use it.

Brain Yare has posted some images of Bast on a password-only website so I'll ask him if it is okay to forward them to you - really quite pretty.


Anonymous said...

Hi andie,

The problem is (was) probably on my end- AOL is pretty picky about things!

But the PDF came through beautifully via e-mail, thank you very much.

I'd be very grateful for Mr. Yares photos, if he allows you to share them with me.

And don't worry so much- I know you well enough to know you are not an unkind woman. You have a generous heart.



Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for posting.