Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New blog: Coptic News and Archive


This is a new blog which deals exclusively with Coptic heritage and culture. It is hoped that it will provide a useful resource to those who are investigating Coptic heritage, an area of interest which is expanding fast. It has been compiled by Howard Middleton-Jones and myself.

There aren't enough news items on the subject to post on a daily basis, so we are going to run it as a frequently updated archive. It has initially been populated with backdated articles, and will be updated whenever we have new items to add.

At the moment it is very much a work in progress, so if you are interested in the Coptic period and have anything that you think might help us to develop this resource your thoughts would be very welcome. Links to any articles, old or new, would also be most welcome.

Anyone who visits this blog can see my profile to know all they need to know about me. Howard is a Coptic specialist (which I, of course, am not). He has a website dedicated to Coptic studies, "Coptic Research" which includes his Coptic Monastery Database Project, and can be found at:

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