Thursday, August 28, 2008

Problems with Blogger

I have finally managed to update the blog, but it was a complete nightmare - apologies for all the test messages. I don't know whether it's the Blogger service or me. For some reason the underlying HTML of my posts was unacceptable, although I wasn't doing anything different and I couldn't see what the problem with the HTML was myself. Anyway, apologies for the odd formatting on some of the posts. I daresay I'll get to the bottom of it all eventually.


Anonymous said...

Could it possibly be that your server is running out of disk space?

Andie said...

Eeeek - I hope not! I will stick with things over the next couple of days and if they don't improve by themselves (which is usually what happens with Blogger) then I'll attempt to make use of their Customer Service facility. They should be able to read whatever problems lie in the HTML. Thanks for the suggestion and I'll bear it in mind. Andie