Monday, September 29, 2008

Egypt hosts American Tourism Society Conference

Travel Daily News
Egypt’s bustling metropolis of Cairo, founded in the 6th century by Arab settlers and now a city of 16 million, will showcase its ancient sites as well as its modern pulse to delegates at the American Tourism Society’s (ATS) Fall 2008 Conference, October 26-30.

The Egyptian Tourist Authority is hosting ATS’s first-ever conference in that country. . . .

“Egypt, although most famous for its ancient archaeological sites, is also a constantly evolving destination, with new hotels, infrastructures and attractions, “ said Sayed Khalifa, Director, Egyptian Tourist Authority in New York. “We are looking forward to having the opportunity to show the ATS delegates, even those who have visited Egypt previously, both modern and ancient Cairo, including our newly opened historical sites. We hope that this ATS conference will result in new and expanded tour programs to our country.”

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