Sunday, October 26, 2008

Travel: Rain, thunder and lightening cloud Cairo

Egypt Daily Star News (Safaa Abdoun)

Anyone planning to be in Cairo soon? If so, this article might be of interest:

CAIRO: Heavy rain, thunder and lightening marked the weather on Friday which had Egypt under thick clouds all day.

The weather forecast for the day was a high of 27˚C, a low of 18˚C and clear skies. But who believes the weatherman anymore? At around noon, the rain started pouring and the skies lit up with lightening as thunder struck.

When it stopped at around 4 pm, it remained cloudy. By then the temperature was around 19˚C, and expected to drop another degree or so by nightfall.

Earlier this month, meteorologists warned against rainstorms they believed could hit Egypt any time during the fall season.

"According to meteorological studies, we are expecting more rainstorms on the coastal cities, Cairo, parts of Sinai and Upper Egypt," said Waheed Seoudi, head of the analysis unit at the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, told Daily News Egypt in a previous interview.

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