Sunday, November 09, 2008

The development plan for Luxor

Al-Ahram (Jill Kamil)

The width of the Nile Corniche boulevard in Luxor is to double as part of a development plan that is now steaming ahead at full speed.

Egyptologists and concerned Luxor residents regard it as a terrible loss of historical 19th-century buildings and other structures on the town's riverside esplanade, but several such landmarks are being demolished to make way for increased traffic between the two major temples on the east bank. Meanwhile letters have been flying back and forth on Internet blogs.

"If the current plan is implemented, this zone will be at the expense of buildings, and gardens in front of buildings, including those of a military club, a mosque, a Coptic Catholic rest house, and Chicago House garden. Can a less radical plan not be drawn up?" writes one anxious party.

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Anonymous said...

As someone who loves Luxor, this is somewhat distressing. If I wanted to see a bland mall area, no charming buildings, and Disneyesque atmosphere, I could just stay in Texas! I know tourism is vital to Egypt, but, please, ask the tourists what we want.