Sunday, November 02, 2008

More Evidence of Secret Passages in the Great Pyramid

Talking Pyramids (Vincent Brown)

Vincent has picked up on a video on the National Geographic website:

National Geographic has posted a video to their YouTube channel today that presents supporting evidence of Jean Pierre Houdin’s internal spiral ramp theory, which suggests a system of corridors lay undiscovered inside the Great Pyramid.

See the above page for more.

You can read more about Jean Pierre Houdin’s internal ramp theory in an article that that Vincent wrote earlier as part 5 of a series on how the Great Pyramid was built.


Anonymous said...

What about the "new chamber photographs" that Bob Brier wanted to show last week at his book lectures (supposedly being evidence for Houdins internal ramp theory)?

If anyone attended the lectures, please tell us what Brier said about the chamber and what those photos showed.

The lack of reports on such a BIG discovery makes me feel uneasy.

I am wondering about some scenarios:

a) "Miscommunication" between Brier/Houdin and the person announcing the lectures (pictures are really from Houdins computer simulation)?

b) small void in exposed core masonry due to sloppy construction methods or vandalism (no evidence of a constructed chamber)?

or - and I don't think its very likely, because it would damage Briers reputation:

c) marketing hype to sell books and draw lecture attendees?

Just speculating, because I really WISH that there IS a new chamber discovery in the great pyramid.

Anonymous said...

Might Brier be talking about this?:

(Account of a person climbing the GP in 1819 AD)

"About two thirds of the way up the north-east angle of the Pyramid I found a small cave or hole about twelve feet deep and the same high, which appears to have been formed by removing several large stones. After many halts to rest, and a goodly amount of assistance from the Arabs whom I asked to take hold of each arm, I at last gained the summit."

Found on this site: