Monday, November 17, 2008

'Mr. Mummy' Reveals Great Pyramid Secret: Built From Inside?

Greenwich Citizen

The unsolved mystery of how the 482-foot Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was
made has captivated the curious for centuries. That fascination brought a
standing-room-only crowd to the Bruce Museum some weeks ago when a noted
Egyptologist, Dr. Bob Brier - known as "Mr. Mummy" - was the guest speaker for the
Archeological Associates of Greenwich.

In his illustrated lecture, Brier revealed a radical new pyramid theory that
threatens to finally answer how the ancient Egyptians, 4,500 years ago,
built what would remain the tallest man-made structure in the world for 3,800
years -- raising 2-ton blocks to its top.

More than 175 people were there to see the first public photos explaining
the extraordinary finding that the pyramid was completed by building from the
inside out.

The theory is the brainchild of a French architect, Jean-Pierre Houdin, who
worked alone on his theory for 10 years. Brier, a senior research fellow at
the C.W. Post campus at Long Island University, told of being contacted by
Houdin in 2003. Finally meeting, over dinner Houdin showed Brier on his laptop
his computer models depicting what he had figured it out.

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