Friday, December 19, 2008

The Egyptian Museum: New home for treasures of the boy king

The Financial Times (Yolande Knell)

Strange article. It appears under a report on Egypt in 2008 from the "Reports" section of the FT's website. It does talk a bit about the new Grand Museum but it also takes bits and pieces of other aspects of Egyptian heritage management and dots around a few soundbites about them.

The Egyptian authorities have pursued international grants and soft loans to finance the $350m project but they are also capitalising on the popularity of the young Pharaoh.

Since 2005, an exhibition including dozens of objects from his tomb has been touring the US and Europe. . . .

The exhibition, which is at present on show at the Atlanta Civic Centre in Georgia, has already raised $120m, and 5m people have seen it. It employs audio guides, 3-D movies, and school information packs – all modern educational tools that will eventually be used at the Grand Museum.

Mr Hawass, who took up his post in 2002, is a great showman who uses his regular media appearances to market ancient history to Egyptians and foreigners alike.

With evidence that more tourists are visiting Egypt’s Red Sea resorts than its long-neglected cultural sites, he is trying to win them back and use their money to fund restoration.

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YKnell said...

I don't see what is so "strange" about this article, given the context. The aim was to offer some financial information on the management of antiquities to FT readers in this annual guide.

Andie said...

Yes, you're probably right. It just all seemed so very vague.