Thursday, December 18, 2008

Faculty Presents Egyptian Findings

BYU NewsNet (Mark Hartman)

BYU is the Brigham Young University.

The BYU Egypt Excavation Project will release its annual report on Friday. During the presentation, an overview of the project will be given and the history of the excavation site will be discussed. Kristen South, a part-time instructor at BYU, will present on the preservation of textiles, in this case mummy wrappings. South has a master's degree in Egyptology from Yale and recently presented her findings in Europe. Her portion of the presentation on Friday will be expanded for the BYU audience.

"These textiles come from a time period people don't know too much about," said Kerry Muhlestein, an assistant professor of ancient scripture. "We should be able to learn much about mummification from them."

In addition to the textile findings, the project has made some recent discoveries in other areas, including pyramids and the Christianizing of Egypt.

"It's a significant project that has made an important number of contributions to different disciplines," Muhlestein said. "We found a pyramid which nobody knew about that will make people rethink the purpose of pyramids and question their assumptions."

These discoveries may be new, but the project is not.

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Anonymous said...

I always believed that there was something other than what is taught to us about Egyptian pyramids and there way of clothing. Matter of fact, there way of life and why they did what they did. I cant wait to hear the exact details of what was found and the assumption of the Egyptians secret way of living.