Saturday, December 20, 2008

Film: Egypt's enduring mummies

Ottowa Citizen (Jay Stone)

The first words you hear in the spooky/educational/mummyrific Imax film Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs are spoken by a voice of such baritone portent it could have narrated the newsreel at the beginning of Citizen Kane. "Egypt: ancient land of awe and wonder," says the voice, with a familiar theatricality.

Yes, it is Christopher Lee, the British actor who is the veteran of many movies from the Lord of the Rings to -- remember? -- The Mummy, the 1959 horror film in which he played Kharis, high priest of a pharaoh whose tomb is disturbed by archeologists who are unaware what havoc they are about to let loose on the world.

Disturbed tombs are part of the legacy of the pharaohs, a subtext that is mined by Mummies not to frighten us -- no re-animated priests in this film -- but to tie the ancient civilization to the modern world through the wonders of medicine.

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